Gracie & Buddy

Gracie (Brown, 9/F) & Buddy (Cream, 9/M)

Breed: Singapore Special
HDB Approved

Two dogs, Buddy and Gracie, are yearning for their freedom. They may not be cute little pups, nor do they possess the youthful energy that many families seek in a dog. Instead, they are a pair of very sorrowful dogs, chained and living a bleak existence in a factory.

It is disheartening to know that numerous dogs like Buddy and Gracie are still tethered under appalling conditions, enduring a bleak existence and holding onto hope for a compassionate family to offer them a new beginning, even if it may be brief.

We can only imagine the hardships of living at the end of a chain. These dogs are often kept as guard dogs, and while the owner’s intention may not be to subject them to such a life, safety concerns have resulted in their continuous chaining. Consequently, these dogs have sacrificed their freedom for mere sustenance and a false sense of security.

If anyone is able to provide Buddy and Gracie with a home (both does not need to go to the same family), whether temporary or permanent, please reach out to us. If not, sharing their story could be the catalyst for transforming their fate from one of despair to one of hope and joy. Please, help us alter their destiny.