About Us

In 2015, Chained Dog Awareness Singapore was started. The non-profit organisation was founded to raise awareness of the plight of the many dogs chained across Singapore. We believe in upholding the Five Domains of Animal Welfare, a new model proposed by Professor David Mellor and Dr Cam Reid in 1994, as a means of systematically identifying and grading the severity of different forms of welfare compromise by reformulating the Five Freedoms as ‘Five Domains’ of nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state [1].

Mental state infographic

Chaining dogs is contrary to these Five Domains and is one of the most inhumane punishments that a social animal like a dog can endure. Dogs chained and caged for prolonged periods of time are denied the opportunity to engage in everyday activities that promote physical and emotional health. These dogs will eventually suffer from being isolated, consistently alone, intense boredom, frustration, depression and sadness. An otherwise friendly and docile dog, when kept continuously chained or intensively confined in any way, becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive2.

We believe that man's best friend should not be permanently chained by their owners. Every year we advocate for 30-40 chained dogs, some rescued with AVS or other animal rescue organizations, while others surrendered by their owners.

What we do

Multifaceted Education Strategy

This includes:-

  • Leverage on our social media presence to raise awareness.
  • Reach out to owners with constructive feedback and support to make changes for their chained dog
  • Offer educational programs for younger generations to cultivate proper pet care practices

Rescue and Rehabilitation

A very important process that requires several steps. This involves negotiating for their release, bringing them in for a health check, and engaging trainer so that they can become more adoptable.


Our beloved canines deserve nothing but the best once we have successfully fought for their freedom. It is our responsibility to find them a loving fosterer or a new adoptive family. This process involves dedicating time and effort to prepare our fosterers and potential families to welcome the dog and guide them in the settling-in process.

Report a Chained Dog

If you have observed a dog that’s been chained or caged for prolonged periods of time, please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger.