Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Female
Age: 10 Years old
HDB Approved

Have you ever witnessed the pure joy of a caged dog breaking free and celebrating their newfound freedom?

Meet Daisy, a dog who endured a decade of confinement in a dark and desolate cage. But fate had a different plan for her, and one day, she managed to escape the very hellhole that held her captive for so long.

Now, Daisy is searching for a loving home to call her own. Despite being ten years old, she still has moments of puppy-like energy, often bursting into zoomies as if she’s savoring every ounce of freedom she never had before. However, years of confinement have taken a toll on her, and she is currently battling a skin condition outbreak. She’s on the path to recovery, but her adopter will need to provide her with a strict diet until she fully heals.

Daisy’s story is a testament to the power of divine intervention. It’s as if the heavens themselves took pity on her and granted her a chance to escape her past. Now, the question remains: will you be the one to give this sweet dog the opportunity to experience the warmth and love of a home in her final chapter of life?