Baby Holly

Baby Holly

Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years old
HDB Approved

Bring Joy Home – Adopt Baby Today

Baby is an incredibly affectionate and good-natured dog who is eagerly waiting for her forever home. Raised by a worker in the Penjuru area, Baby stayed in an open yard for most of her life. Tragically, her brother was killed by a trailer, leaving Baby all alone. With the workers no longer staying overnight in the container office, Baby’s only so-called own space had been hiding under the container, sharing it with many rats.

About Baby:
Health: Sterilized
Daily Routine: Every morning, Baby looks forward to being fed by a kind old aunty and a group of dedicated feeders who take turns to ensure she gets her daily meals.

Baby’s tail-wagging is truly unique and fascinating! It can move side to side with impressive speed and strength, and even make circles when she’s especially happy. This sweet girl is extremely affectionate and gets along remarkably well with both humans and other dogs.

Why Adopt Baby?
We haven’t come across such a good-natured stray dog in a long time. Baby’s gentle and loving disposition makes her a perfect companion, and whoever opens their heart and home to her will surely be blessed and lucky. Your life will be filled with joy, loyalty, and countless wagging tails of happiness.

Could you be the one to give Baby the loving home she deserves? Come meet her and let her beautiful spirit capture your heart. Contact us today to arrange a visit!