Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Years old
HDB Approved

Could you please bring a smile back to 6-yo Lara who has known nothing but chains?

As we gaze into her sorrowful eyes, our hearts ache, and we can’t help but wonder about her background.

We are also told that recently, her caretaker abandoned her, leaving her to fend for herself. The other staff members, released her from the chains that bound her, yet, even with her newfound liberation, she remains motionless, resigned to a life of despair. She has forgotten what it means to run, to play, to experience the simple joys that every dog deserves.

To compound her heartache, the company has decided to leave her behind as they move on.
Once again a stark reminder of the indifference that can exist in this world.

We are determined to bring light back into her eyes, to restore her faith in humanity, and to show her the love and compassion that we, as humans, are capable of.