Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Female
Age: 6 Years old
HDB Approved

Introducing Jodie – A Heart Full of Love Waiting for a Family

Jodie’s journey has been filled with challenges, but through it all, she has remained a trusting, sweet soul. Though traumatized by the trapping during her rescue mission and a possible period of confinement that led to anxiety, Jodie continues to show incredible resilience.

About Jodie:
Personality: Jodie is a sweet and affectionate dog who absolutely loves the company of both humans and dogs. Her trusting nature remains intact, and she bonds deeply with those around her.
Ideal Home: Jodie would thrive in a home environment that has a pack of dogs and humans she can depend on. Being surrounded by a supportive and loving pack will help her feel secure and happy.
Current Situation: Jodie’s rescuer is no longer able to financially support her home boarding, and without a forever home, Jodie may have to be moved into a shelter environment. We hope to find her a loving family before it comes to that.

Why Adopt Jodie?
Jodie is a special girl who has so much love to give and just needs a chance to show it. Her ability to remain good-natured and trusting despite her past challenges speaks volumes about her character. She will bring immense joy and companionship to a family that can offer her stability and love.

Could you be Jodie’s Forever Family?
If you meet the criteria and believe you can provide Jodi with the home she deserves, please consider giving her a chance. Contact us today to meet Jodie and see if she’s the perfect fit for your pack.