Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years old
HDB Approved

Sadly, there have been no enquiries for Dante, leaving him currently trapped in a small confined space with four other dogs. 

We recently brought him to the vet to address his skin issues and witnessed Dante’s vulnerability at the clinic. He trembled in fear when his caregiver stepped away, but within 15 minutes of her return, he leaped with joy at her reappearance. This transformation showcases the loving and loyal spirit waiting to be nurtured and cherished within him.

Dante’s potential to thrive with the right family is evident. All he needs is patience, time, and empathy to help him flourish into the loving companion he was always meant to be. Dante is also HDB approved and, with the right match, he can also coexist happily with other dogs, bringing endless joy to his new home.

Share his story, spread the word, and pls get in touch if you can foster or adopt this boy.