Breed: Singapore Special
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Years old
HDB Approved

URGENT: Berlin Needs a Forever Home by End of July!

Meet Berlin, a small but resilient Singapore Special who has incredibly fended for herself for the past 8 years. Living in a factory environment, Berlin somehow kept herself safe and sound all these years. Recently, with the factory management moving out, her feeders started worrying about her future. Recognizing the change, this sweet girl came willingly, got into the car, and seemed to understand it was time to leave behind the hardships.

About Berlin:
Age: 8 years old (Petite senior)
Personality: Berlin is a sweet and gentle dog, with a heart full of love. Despite her tough past, she remains incredibly affectionate and trusting towards humans.
Current Situation: Berlin has a fosterer who can only look after her until the end of July. After that, her future is heartbreakingly uncertain. She desperately needs a forever home to step in and offer her stability and love.

Why Adopt Berlin?
Berlin’s story is one of perseverance and hope. This petite senior girl is a testament to resilience and courage. She is ready to settle into a loving home where she can leave behind the struggles of her past and enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

Berlin Needs You:
Berlin’s time with her fosterer is running out fast. By the end of July, she faces an uncertain future without a loving home to go to. We need a compassionate family to step forward and provide Berlin with the forever home she so desperately needs.

Contact us immediately to meet Berlin and see if you can give this lovely girl the secure and loving home she deserves. Let’s not let Berlin face uncertainty—let’s give her a new chapter filled with love and happiness.

Time is of the essence. Berlin needs your help now!